Kerakoll Biogel No Limits White


Kerakoll Biogel No Limits White

£24.82£731.52/1 x 20kg Bag, 10 x 20kg Bags Per Pallet, 24 x 20kg Bags, 48 x 20kg Bags

Flexible multi-purpose gel adhesive for bonding all types of materials on to all types of substrates can even be used in extreme conditions.

White Shock Formular – the pure white Carrara marble from the Kerakoll quarries is an exclusive ingredient that renders products workable, delivers incomparable performance and gives the whitest of colours.

Perfect for use with large format tiles and very thin porcelain.

Gel technology



Up to 15mm thickness

Biogel® gel adhesives are thixotropic, smooth and light at any thickness that maintains its shape, works easily on walls with no tile slippage.

Biogel® guarantees maximum adhesion through the full wettability of the tile under any conditions.

Biogel® No Limits & Biogel® Revolution will not detach from the tiles or the substrate even when they are heavily stressed.

It doesn’t thicken and keeps in the bucket just the way you mixed it for long periods.

The mix can be made how you want as it doesn’t shrink and will be soft and easy to use no matter how thick the mix is.

The thixotropic and liquid consistency wets the entire tile, even after a long time.

Performance is superior and works for everything on everything, It can be used on Cement-based screeds, concrete, timber, metal & PVC although for timber, metal & PVC you will need to use Keragrip Eco prior to laying the adhesive.

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  • Flexible Standard Setting White Adhesive
  • 3mm-15mm Bed Depth

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10 x Bags = £14.40 Each + VAT
24 x Bags = £13.40 Each + VAT
48 x Bags = £12.70 Each + VAT

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1 x 20kg Bag, 10 x 20kg Bags Per Pallet, 24 x 20kg Bags, 48 x 20kg Bags


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